Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scaffolding using Tecnología

In the video about Luis the 18 year old high school senior, is a very inspirational and insightful video about how technology can be used not only in the classroom but at home to help, in this case Luis's parents, Hispanic immigrants who do not speak English. Luis is involves in many activities and groups at school that involve traveling to conventions and even mentoring young students about robotics.

One thing that I have "taken away" from this video is how great it is to see older students helping and teaching younger students how to use technology. It is shown that younger children retain more information and are more willing to learn when they are taught by an adult that they look up to and respect. Scaffolding is a great way to not only teach the younger children new information, but to give the older students a time to connect with someone and take the responsibility for teaching a child.
I along with Luis, help my parents with technology and teach them how to use new programs and fix small problems they may have with others. I don't see this as a chore or obligation, but as a way to help myself along with my family to keep up with the technology. My father has been good with computers, but with the new technology and computer classes that I have been taking, I have been teaching him new things.
Like I said earlier, scaffolding is a great method to use when teaching children. Letting your students to interact with others and communicate with each other about a topic that they are learning or reviewing in class is a great opportunity for the students to help each other. By, helping one another, the children that are "teaching" are reinforcing existing information, and the children that are receiving the information are getting the information they need, in a way they can understand better.

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