Sunday, January 24, 2010


Learn about Cameron's life in this in-depth interview!

1. The most significant "takeaway" from this video is how children can enjoy and thrive in the technological world. There are so many programs apps that we as teachers can use to help enhance our lessons and help the students become engaged in the lessons. Another meaning that I learned from this video would be that technology is moving at such a fast rate that we, not just teachers, but everone in general need to learn how to use today's technology in an everyday life. As teachers we must keep a breast with new technology because children today base their interests and activities around technology and may even be more or equally educated on certain apps or programs than us!.
2. Today's children enjoy activities and games that are technologically based. When I was a child (young student), technology was not a major part of my life. I did not have the luxery of computer games or game boys. I was not exposed to technology as much as the today's child. By having the apps and programs we have todays, I could have used in my schooling to better enhance my academic experiences.
3. This video, is an example why it is great for schools and faculty to expose students to technology and new information as often as possible. It also implies that students learn different rates and work better with different lessons or programs. Like in the video, it show how students would even us scaffolding as a form of teaching the students to work with technology.

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