Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Futuristic Classroom

The video A Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom is an amazing view of how a class uses technology in an everyday routine. The teacher gives us run-through of how she uses blogging and technology to help enhance her lessons and connect with other classrooms around the world trading ideas and information. Rachel Boyd, the teacher, uses technology allot in her classroom. She uses blogging for helping not only herself connect with others, but also the children to blog ideas and connect with other classrooms outside their district or even country!

This video has given me the inspiration I needed. I was a little apprehensive to how much I would use technology in my classroom. I didn't understand how it could be that important to include time to use and understand the technological world. Now after seeing how this teacher used many programs and ideas in her day, it makes me all the more excited to get started with my teaching career. After a few weeks of blogging, I have gotten the hang of it and believe that this could be a great thing to use in my classroom. Of course, there will be newer technology and newer programs when I start teaching, but I must keep up!

This video amazes me on how much technology is really used in the classroom today. When I was in school (elementary-high school) I never used technology in the classroom; aside from the once a week computer class and the overhead projector. Its amazing how far we have come in such a short amount of time. But it also makes me wonder how far will we go? Will we get so far that paper books are not needed anymore; and will we loose use of paper and pencil?

In the district I plan on teaching in, has a smart board in every classroom. During my first field experience there I noticed how much they used the smart board during the day and how much time they spent away from paper and pencils. Over half of the day was spent on the board/computer during morning message, research etc... The rest of the day was spent with teacher/student interaction time. I love how technology is growing in popularity and usage in schools, but I feel that when I become a teacher I might feel the need to put less focus on technology and applications to use, and instead put the focus more on the work!

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