Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project Based Learning

This video about the importance of project based learning is a very interesting and insightful video showing how children can decide and direct their own learning and have fun and stay engaged at the same time!

The most significant takeaway form this video is the importance of the amount of involvement the students have in their learning. Students need to have some say so of what and how they learn. Project based learning is a great way to complete this task. The children decide what they want to research and present, and that along can give the students the much needed enthusiasm and desire they need to learn new things.

This video makes me wish that I had more say so in my education. Not saying that I don't now, but when I was in elementary school the teachers made all the decisions. Projects would have been fun to do, and have given me the much needed love to learn early in my education!

This video is a great example of how the children can express the way the see and interpret the world. It also gives examples on how the classroom is not the only learning environment; and that nature and the community provide a much needed opportunity to learn as well as the classroom.

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