Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teen Communication

This video is about teen communication using technology. This video is about how students can use technology to communicate with other people of different cultures and to express their thoughts on an issue of importance to them!

The most significant takeaway from this video is how students can use technology to present their opinion on an issue and share them with other students; that it be from another country or in their classroom. Children are able to communicate with others from other cultures and learn new things from others. They are able to share things that they learn and have a strong opinion on with others through technology.

This video reminds me of my school years and how we were not able to communicate with other states let along with other countries. I wish I was able to express my thoughts on things using technology and reach so many more people than just one to one conversation. This can also be a great opportunity to scaffold. The students and teach each other on different subjects and issues.

This is a great way for students to communicate with others and exchange ideas and thought

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