Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wizard of Apps

This video was very entertaining and cheesy at times! But the information on the other hand is important and crucial went working online. The basic theme to this video was to learn ways and to find apps that will allow students and adults even, to explore and collaborate safely online.

The most significant takeaway from this video would be the multiple apps available to anyone. I would have loved all these apps available to me when I was in high school. I can't even imagine the time these could have saved me! But knowing they are they ready for me to use, I will most definitely use them for college research and even research that I do when I graduate and become a teacher.
One great aspect of the video, are the multiple sites and apps you can use to see your digital footprint; to see what your employees might see, or what is seen of you online (where you have been). One major aspect that I though could be helpful to students of all ages, would be the multiple sights citations. This was a major pain for me in school; citing resources was difficult to the lack of know how and the overwhelming supply of information to use in the work cited. These apps (noodletools, Bibme, Easybib, and creative commons) help with forming citations and how to make sure you use the correct information on the work cited.
Like I said this video was fun to watch, maybe a tad bit to long, but entertaining. This was a good way to get information that maybe difficult to understand, across to all people. The helpful sources and sites that are offered in the video provide many opportunities for students to share information and collaborate on newly found material (great opportunity for scaffolding).
I was able to access a sight called Citation Machine. When watching the Wizard of Apps video, this site caught my attention. I was and still am having trouble with citing certain resources. This website offers many formats to choose from; all the student has to do is choose a format, plug in the general information, then the site does the rest! Its little things like this that make all the difference! Ill just say that now I have found this, I will definitely be using it in my up coming research papers!


  1. Not sure what happened to this post? It's blank.

  2. I was afraid this would happen! I don't know what to do about this blogger website; everytime I get one and start typing a blog reflection, the screen will freeze for long periods of time and wont let me save things! I know its not my computer because I have tried it on others and still get the same effect! And it seems to be only the blogger website.

  3. You got it fixed! You might consider composing your post in a word processor and then copying/pasting your reflection over. Also you can save in Blogger periodically, and that can avoid you losing everyting. Good reflection.